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On this site, I’ll be sharing my travel, street and portrait photography knowledge.

If you want to see my award winning photographs, go to my portfolio site.

So who am I? I often call myself the accidental photographer. That is, I learned photography by accident before setting out to become an international award winning photographer.

So far, photography has been a wild ride for me:

  • I’ve traveled to exotic places, meeting interesting people and capturing beautiful images along the way.
  • My works have been exhibited in the world’s top galleries and museums.
  • I got my first ever TV interview after winning a place in National Geographic’s photo contest.
  • I was invited to speak live in front of a group of 250 people who are eager to learn photography from me.
  • I’ve frequently led live photo workshops joined by people from various countries.

I told you it’s been a wild ride for and it’s been FUN!

I’m very thankful to be in that ride and I consider myself very blessed.

Being in that wild ride, I learned a lot of things. I wanted to share what I learned along the way on this site as a way to give back to the photography community.

To get started, below are some articles that can help you starting out in your photography journey. More articles can be found in the “Blog” section of this site.

Let’s Talk About How This Site Can Help You

Apart from taking photos from gorgeous places on earth and publishing them, my passion is helping other photographers do the same.

I love helping people to improve their travel photography skills and help them share, publish and sell their work.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see more great photos?

My hope is that by sharing my experience and knowledge with you, you can get better in your travel photography skills, get more exposure for your work and hopefully increase your photography earnings!

I believe that if I can do it, everyone else can. After all, my humble start in photography is totally accidental. It’s something that’s totally unexpected and unplanned.

You can read more about the start of my photography journey here.

Where You Can Start

I have compiled below some list of articles that can help you right away to improve your photography skills. Feel free to browse these articles and ask me any questions that you might have here. I have listed any products and services that I have created under the “Product & Services” section below.

More About Me

Product & Services

  • Camera Gear Consultation
  • Photography Portfolio Review – Coming Soon
  • How to Build Your Own Photography Website – Coming Soon
  • Organizing a Photo MESS – A Guide to Better, Faster and More Efficient Photography Workflow – Coming Soon