On this site, I’ll be sharing my travel, street and portrait photography knowledge.

If you want to see my award winning photographs, go to my portfolio site.

So who am I? I often call myself the accidental photographer. That is, I learned photography by accident before setting out to become an international award winning photographer.

Andrew Suryono in New Zealand

Me Photographing New Zealand Landscape

So far, photography has been a wild ride for me:

  • I’ve traveled to exotic places, meeting interesting people and capturing beautiful images along the way.
  • My works have been exhibited in the world’s top galleries and museums.
  • I got my first ever TV interview after winning a place in National Geographic’s photo contest.
  • I was invited to speak live in front of a group of 250 people who are eager to learn photography from me.
  • I’ve frequently led live photo workshops joined by people from various countries.

Yes, it’s been a wild ride and it’s been FUN!

I’m very thankful to be in this ride and I consider myself very blessed.

Being in that wild ride, I learned a lot of things. I wanted to share what I learned along the way on this site as a way to give back to the photography community.

Me Speaking in Front of 250 People

Sharing my Photography Knowledge in Front of 250 People LIVE!

To get started, below are some articles that can help you starting out in your photography journey. I’ve learned from some of the world’s best photographer, have experimented and tested many things in photography.

I hope by spending some time on this site I hope I can ignite the photographic passion in you to get started, improve your existing photographic skills or create your masterpiece!

Photography for Beginners

  • 10 Photography Mistakes That I Wish I Didn’t Do
  • The Right Way to Start Learning Photography
  • The 3 Ingredients of a Great Photograph
  • What Camera Should I Buy?
  • What Lenses Should I Buy?
  • What Bag Should I Buy?
  • What Photography Accessories Should I Buy?
  • How to Take Care of Your Photography Equipment
  • Allowing The Magic of Light To Transform Your Photos
  • Combining Harmony and Tension for a Strong Composition
  • Understanding Your Subject and Giving Deeper Meaning in Your Photographs
  • More “Photography for Beginners” articles…

On Creativity

  • How to Be Creative in Photography
  • How to Find Your Vision
  • It’s Not Your Camera’s Fault. It’s Yours…

Travel Photography

  • Best Camera for Travel Photography
  • Best Lenses for Travel Photography
  • What to Capture During Your Travel
  • How to Capture Great Travel Photographs in 4 Steps
  • How to Prepare Your Travel Gears
  • Preparing Your Travel Shoot for Success
  • Allowing Surprise In Your Travel Photographs
  • Editing Your Travel Photographs For Maximum Impact
  • More “Travel Photography” Articles…

Street Photography

  • Best Camera for Street Photography
  • Best Lenses for Street Photography
  • What You Should Be Looking for When Doing Street Photography
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Strangers
  • How to See The Extraordinary in The Ordinary
  • Finding The Magical Light in Street Photography
  • More “Street Photography” Articles…

Portrait Photography

  • Best Camera for Portrait Photography
  • Best Lenses for Portrait Photography
  • Basic Posing Guide for Portrait Photographers
  • Posing a Male Model
  • Posing a Female Model
  • Authentic Portrait: Capturing The Soul of a Person in an Expression
  • More “Portrait Photography” Articles…

About Me and My Photography Journey

The articles and videos above should help you improve your photography skills. If you want to get even more in-depth photography training, check out my products below.

How to Level Up Your Photography… FAST!

  • Mastering Digital Photography Fundamentals
  • Mastering Digital Editing Fundamentals
  • Capturing The Spirit of A Place: A Travel Photography Course
  • Seeing The Extraordinary in The Ordinary: A Street Photography Course
  • How to Build Your Photography Website
  • One on One “What Should I Buy” Consultation
  • One on One Portfolio Review
  • One on One Private Photography Training

As always, if you want to reach out to me regarding photography workshop, speaking gigs, photo assignments or simply want to say “Hi” and give your thoughts, feel free to drop me a line here.