I Must be Dreaming… FIRST PLACE in Sony World Photography Award!

I’ve never been so excited in writing a blog post like today.

It’s now official: my Orangutan photo wins 1st Place in Sony World Photography Award – National Award Category!

Here’s the link to the announcement >> http://www.worldphoto.org/national-award-2015/indonesia

Feel free to bookmark it, share it and tell everyone you know about it! :D

Andrew Suryono - WPO Announcement Screenshot

I’m EXTREMELY happy and excited with this amazing achievement! Words can’t explain how happy I am at this moment.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have supported me with my photography! I know it can be hard traveling with a photographer who often slows you down during our travel together but hey… in the end, it’s worth it!

A huge thank you to Sony and World Photography Organization for giving me this prestigious award. Selecting the winner out of hundreds and thousands of entries is no easy feat and I feel very honored to receive this award.

Now all that is cool, but let me read your mind for a moment… hmm… I see a question:

“Andrew, what is the PRIZE of winning this award?”

Did I read it correctly? :P

There are SEVERAL PRIZE of winning this award. Let me list them below, one by one.

1. Exclusive 5 Nights Trip to London, UK

I’ve never been to London, UK before so I’m super excited.

Itinerary Booklet Page 1

During the first days of this trip, I’m gonna go shooting and playing with Sony’s new camera and lenses with other winner from different countries. Some of them haven’t been released yet so I’m looking forward to play around with them!

Itinerary - PhotoShoot

Itinerary - PhotoShoot

Then, we’re gonna have the exclusive Gala Dinner and Awarding ceremony. I’m having my Tux ready for this event!

Here’s the video of the Gala Dinner and Awarding ceremony in 2012. It’s like an Oscar award but for Photographers!

After the Gala Dinner and Awarding Ceremony, the winners’ picture will be displayed on Somerset House from 24 April to 10 May. My picture will be there!

If you want to get the ticket, you can do so by using this link.

Who knows… we might meet there in person! :)

2. Sony a7s and Carl Zeiss 24-70mm Lens

In addition to the London trip, Sony also awards me the super cool Sony a7s and Carl Zeiss 24-70mm lens. YEAH! More photography gears!

Here’s the picture of those babies, still in the box!

My Winning Prize - Sony a7s and Carl Zeiss 24-70mm Lens

The Sony a7s is known as the “King of The Dark” due to its amazing high ISO capability that can capture amazing details in low light situation. The 24-70mm Carl Zeiss lens is the perfect lens for this.

Both of them will make an excellent combination and I’m looking forward to shoot many more great pictures with it!

3. Publications, Publications, Publications

One great thing about winning the Sony World Photography Award is the amount of publication that you’ll get.

Even before winning the competition (when I was still nominated) I got lots of requests from both big and small publishers.

It feels so satisfying and rewarding to see my photo in National Geographic, CNN, Daily Mail, Huffington Post and many more places… even in InTouch magazine… the celebrity gossip magazine!

You can find my photo on Issue April 13, 2015 of InTouch, LOL.

InTouch Magazine - April 13, 2015 Cover

InTouch Magazine - Andrew Suryono Photo

WOW! I’m still excited even at this moment!

But I think I’ll stop writing here. I’ll take my new a7s with 24-70mm lens out for a spin. Will post some cool photos later!

Stay tuned!

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