The most frequently asked question from this site is “Andrew, what camera should I buy?”

And the second most frequently asked question on this site is “Andrew, what lens should I buy?”

The third most frequently asked question on this site is “Andrew, what tripod / filters / bags / accessories should I buy?”

Lots of Camera Gears You Don't Want to End Up With

ALL revolves around photography equipment purchase.

I understand that purchasing a photography equipment can be a significant investment. And you want someone to point you in the right direction.

You want to be able to consult with a pro that understands specifically what YOU need so you can make the best purchasing decision.

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Before you spend that $2,000 or even that $10,000 why not consult with someone who will:

  • Take time to understand your current photography needs and skill
  • Evaluate your budget
  • Give you specific recommendation for camera, lenses and accessories that’s right FOR YOU
  • And answer any basic questions related to camera equipments

To be honest, I’ve made several purchasing decision that I wished I didn’t make. Ending up spending too much money for things you don’t need never feels good. I wished I had someone who’d guide me through this complex world of camera gears when I first started.

With the amount of camera gear available and the amount of information, you’ll easily get lost and can end up feeling confused and frustrated.

I’ve been there. And I’m offering you a solution.

I will talk with you personally, one-on-one for 30 minutes to give you my personal advice on:

  • Camera gears you should or should not buy based on your photographic needs
  • Optimal budgeting solution to get the gears that you need
  • Specific recommendation for camera, lenses and accessories that’s right just FOR YOU

For 30 minutes, you have full access to me, my photography knowledge and my experience in reviewing hundreds of photography gears.

If this sounds good to you, you can start claiming your spot by making a payment using the button below.

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After you’ve made the payment, I will email you the instructions to get on the consultation schedule.

Talk soon!

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