Hi there! I’m Andrew Suryono. I’m the photographer of the world’s most famous Orangutan photo. The photo won 1st place in the largest photography competition on the planet as well as getting honorable mention in National Geographic’s photo contest. Chances are, even if you don’t know me, you’ve probably seen my photo like many people have.

Here’s the picture that I’m talking about.

World's Most Famous Orangutan Photo by Andrew Suryono

If you’d like to own a print, you’re welcome to do it from SmugMug (International) or ThePrintSpace (UK). If you’d like to strike a licensing deal for this image, please drop me a message here.

The rest of this page will tell you the story about me and how I started my photography. You’ll get plenty of insight from the man behind the photo :)

Andrew Suryono

I often call myself the accidental photographer. It was never my intention to seriously learn photography, let alone become a travel photographer or winning 1st place in the biggest photography competition in the world.

As silly as it sounds, my accidental start in photography happened because I did a simple product photography experiment to make my eBay listing look better.

I never thought that my little experiment could lead me to become an award winning travel photographer who managed to visit the highest mountain on Earth, go to some exotic island in Southeast Asia and start this website to fund my journey by sharing my photography adventure.

But I’m thankful it happened. Here are some snapshots of my photography adventure.

Some of My Crazy Photography Adventure by Andrew Suryono

Life can really give you surprise sometimes and for me, the surprise was learning photography. My formal education and professional background has no relationship at all with photography.

As with any surprise, there’s bound to be some upsides and downsides. The upsides for me was the eye opening travel experience, culture immersions and many great pictures that I can share with you on this site. Apart from showing you my work, I’m keen on sharing my photography knowledge that I’ve got from many helpful folks throughout my journey.

The downsides? Spending a lot of money for traveling… which makes my wife happy and camera gears… which makes my wife unhappy.

More Stuff About Me

I’m originally from Indonesia and I have lived in the US for quite a long time. I have traveled to many different countries such as China and Europe and I consider myself to be pretty well educated in both Eastern and Western culture.

Now I’m currently living in my home country, Indonesia. I picked Indonesia not only because it’s my home country but also because of the many beautiful photography places that it offers. I really can’t wait visit every photographic place in my home country.

I might pick another country as my home base in the future once I’ve exhausted every photographic place here – who knows!

Why This Site?

My experience when I first start learning photography is both fun and frustrating. It can be overwhelming to learn everything about Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Sensor Size, Shutter Lag, Autofocus, Metering and MTF Curves… (phew!) and try to make sense all of them at once.

Not only that, you have to sift through mountains of information to make it all make sense for you. I’m talking about camera, lens and photography accessories reviews. There are plenty of them and it’s easy for you to get lost in the mountains of information.

My goal with the creation of this site is to take out the frustrating part of learning photography and make it just plain FUN.

With my knowledge and passion, I’m gonna spread this virus called photography on this site. You’ve been warned!

I hope to inspire you to start your own photography journey and I want you to learn and enjoy photography as much as I do.

Who knows that stumbling upon this site is own accidental path to learning photography? :)

Why The Name PhotoSeis?

I’m a travel photographer and one of my life goal is to visit all 6 continents on earth (Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antartica, America). When I was in the process of creating this site and looking for a good domain name, I was learning Spanish and the word “Seis” means six.

So I thought the name “PhotoSeis” which means Photos from Six Different Continents on earth would sound really cool and fits well with my goal.

What Can You Get from This Site?

Hmm… Plenty! Where should I start?

1. Travel All Around The World!

No, not really, LOL. But at least you can imagine traveling to some exotic places by looking at my daily photos :)

I will post a photo that I like from my photography collections daily. These are all photos that I’ve taken in many different places on earth. If you can’t travel now, no need to worries. You can always enjoy my photo collections from any computer on earth.

I’ll be even more thankful if you decide to buy them and hang them on your wall.

These photos are not merely to show off my photography or travel accomplishment. You’re welcome to use them as a source of inspiration to take more photos or even to learn more photography techniques from the stories I tell on each photo.

2. Help You Pick The Right Photography Tools

Here’s a funny equation that I made:

Photography = Camera + Lenses + Accessories + More Camera + More Lenses + More Accessories

If you’re not careful about picking the right gear, the above equation can and will happen to you very soon. If you don’t understand what you need and how to pick the right equipment, you’re an easy target for any camera salesman who wants to get more commission out of you.

Hey, it happened to me. I am ABSOLUTELY guilty for that. Look at the picture below to see the equation in action:

Andrew Suryono Camera Gear

Guilty Pleasure – My Ever Growing Camera Gear

The technological advance in photography is very fast and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information. Even worse, some people might even take advantage of you.

Here’s where I can help you with this site.

Here you can get a basic understanding on camera equipment and what factors you should consider when choosing a camera and lenses for your photography needs.

You can also read the latest reviews on new cameras, lenses and photography accessories here, that’s for sure.

I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to camera technology and gears because of my technical engineering background. However, I will try to minimize the technical jargon here to keep everything down to earth and easy to understand.

When I review a piece of camera gear, Will I be subjective? Of course. We all have personal attachment to our gears. That’s why our pictures contain a lot of emotion.

Can I be objective? I’ll try. I will be discussing the technical aspects as well to help people understand what camera gears they’re buying and how it will fit with their photography style.

In the end though, remember that I’m only giving you my opinion when it comes to gear selection. Only you and you alone should decide and be responsible for your selection.

3. Help You Learn the Art of Photography

Owning and using state of the art camera without knowing the art of photography is like a 5 years old kid driving a Ferrarri. He might know that the car can do so many cool things but he is lacking the skill and knowledge to unleash the car to its true potential.

Sadly, so many photographers suffer from the “gear acquisition syndrome.” They keep buying new camera gears with the hope to get better pictures. Seldom they look into themselves and say “Why am I not taking good pictures?” and they keep asking “Why is this camera doesn’t take good pictures?”

Curing that syndrome is easy, but requires an honest self reflection. You have to be brutally honest about your photography skill. If you think your camera is quite capable of taking good photos, don’t look for a better one. Instead, focus on building your skills.

The more you build your skill, the more you will take better pictures, regardless of the camera you use. You can find many tutorials and tips on this site to help you become a better photographer.

What Camera Gears Do You Use?

I got asked this question a LOT: “Awesome pics, Andrew! What camera do you use?”

Well, I have a long answer and a long list for that. You can see what I use here.

NOTE: You DON’T have to buy what I use to take good photos.

More on My Photography Preference

My Favorite Camera Brand: Nikon (DSLR), Sony (Mirrorless), Fuji (Mirrorless)

My Favorite Lens Brand: Nikon, Carl Zeiss

Favorite Lens Type: Zoom Lens with Fixed Aperture

Full Frame vs. APS-C Sensor? Full Frame


DSLR vs. Mirrorless? DSLR for sport and fast moving subject, Mirrorless for everyday pictures. However, Mirrorless camera’s autofocus is getting better recently so I’m gravitating more and more towards mirrorless system.

How Can You Help PhotoSeis?

Creating this site and sharing my knowledge with all of you has been a lot of fun for me. I can meet many new exciting people from all over the world and share our passion in one language: photography. This goes well with the spirit of travel photography!

However, despite all the fun and goodies, there are still costs associated with maintaining and running this site.

If you’d like to help out to keep the good karma going, you can do so via several ways below:

1. Buy Some Pictures and Hang Them on Your Wall

Nothing is more satisfying to me than looking at my own work hanged at other people’s home. You can grab a print, delivered to your house from any pictures that you like on my site.

Every order, print, shipping and handling will be handled directly via SmugMug. You can visit my SmugMug account that contains my travel photo collections here.

2. Get Your Photography (or Any) Goodies by Using Links on This Site

Whenever you get anything through any links from this site, this site get a small commission fee. The price still stays the same whether you go directly to the site or via the link on this site. The only difference is the merchant will give a small fee when you use the links on this site and make a purchase there.

This is the simplest and easiest way to help this site. Currently, our merchant partners are:

3. Make a Donation

If you have some spare changes and want to donate it to this site, you’re welcome to do so. You can use the following button to donate or enter your own amount.

4. Join in Our Special Community (Coming Soon)

I want to thank you for visiting and checking out my site. Hopefully this site has been useful to your photography journey.

Andrew Suryono